21 June, 2012

The Temper Trap - Trembling Hands (Chet Faker Remix)

New remix from the upcoming artist Chet Faker for Temper Trap's "Trembling Hands".

This new remixed premiered yesterday on Rolling Stone and  in the words of Chet Faker "I feel like people aren't completely used to the idea of a musician/producer yet. I try and use a different process and aim for a different sound for a remix than I would for an original," says Faker. "The biggest change I made was shifting the key of the song, which made some notes from the original parts sound 'out.' This took a lot of tweaking, but as a result gave the vocals a digitized sound that I ended up using."

Chet Faker is also touring Europe with the ozzie's Temper Trap and as it seems they are getting along just fine. You can stream and download the remix below. Enjoy.

The Temper Trap - Trembling Hands (Chet Faker Remix) by The Temper Trap
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