24 October, 2012

Julien Mier - When Will You Wake Up? EP

The EP came out back in August, but it is so good that we had to show to everyone.

In the words of the label, King Deluxe, responsible for his latest release, " In case it’s not obvious, Julien as a kid was raised on Captain Beefheart, Mouse on Mars, Sugarcubes, Brian Eno and Sigur Ros.  In a peaceful little village in the dunes called Santpoort, where he had years of classical training before moving on to the digital realm.  But inspired by nature as well as improvisation he utilizes a wide variety of samples and acoustic instruments along with the more electronic elements.

What also informs his music is a lifelong talent for lucid dreaming. An example he cites is the trumpet of a death march… a concrete thought that quickly steers wildly out of context. These fragments combine together to form the basis for his fantastically deluxe EP When Will You Wake Up."

In other words, you have to listen to all  the melodic 4 tracks of the EP, you'll not regret. Below, you can stream the whole inventive electronic EP that Julien Mier created. Enjoy.

When Will You Wake Up? EP (2012) by Julien Mier

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