31 January, 2012


Introducing FALCONS and their new video for "Nigeria"

Little is known about this group but in their webpage we come to know that FALCONS "consists of Vancouver/ Oakland based musicians TightMike and KayleoStocko, whose musical tastes range from world music to southern rap, and everything in between". Their sound is absolutely amazing, combining soul vocals, R'n'B, uptempo beats, tri-hop, who knows...
A few days ago they released the video for "Nigeria"(Juicy Records) that you can see below and download for free here.

You can also check other sounds from FALCONS in their soundcloud page. Like this one. Enjoy.

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30 January, 2012

The Weeknd - "Echoes of Silence"

The album isn't fresh new but it really deserve's to be apart of this blog.

Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd is a Canadian recording artist and record producer originally from Ethiopia. He's first album, House of Baloons, was considered one of the best in 2011 where few months earlier no one new the artist. After that the hype around Tesfaye grew and today he's considered one of the best up & coming artists of the year. He already released a second, Thursday, and third album, Echoes of Silence. This last one was released on December 21 and doesn't get behind or below the previous two. It's like a good mix of both of them. Our favorite one is "Initiation", a mix of tri-hop beats and vocal's distortion that results in a beautiful piece of the new 21st-century music art.

Nevertheless, the whole album is very good and justifies,and reinforces, the hype around the artist. You can stream and download the full album below.Enjoy.

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Aeroplane January 2012 Mix

Sorry for the long absence but from now on it's going to massive and we ain't never gonna stop! We begin this week with the new mix from the fantastic disco-star Aeroplane!!

Featuring an exclusive Classixx track !
 Tracklisting :
1. Pop & Eye - Give me a fight
2. Friendly Fires - Hurting ( C2 Instrumental Mix )
3. Great Weekend - That's the thing ( to do )
4. Chemistry - Funky People
5. Parallel Dance Ensemble - Shopping Cart ( Maxxi Soundsystem Remix )
6. Ruf Kutz #4 - 4 Ron
7. Miguel Migs - Close Your Eyes ( Deetron Dub )
8. Art Department - Tell me Why ( Brennan Green Remix )
9. Lula Circus - Fake Blood, True Wound
10. Classixx - A Fax From The Beach
11. Harmonious Thelonious - Trans Harmonic System

Aeroplane January 2012 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)
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26 January, 2012

Azelia Banks Live at Karl Lagerfeld's house

Azealia is our favorite up & coming artist right now and we believe that she is going to have a great year, for sure. Karl Lagerfeld thinks that too..

In one week, Azealia see's her new song "Bambi" premiering at the Mugler Fashion Show, signs a deal with Universal Records and now a special invitation in Paris to perform at Karl Lagerfeld's own house to celebrate his line with Net-a-Porte. She's taking over the world, step by step. See the live performance below.

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24 January, 2012

Best New Music: Miike Snow & Lykke Li - Black Tin Box

I really don't have many words to describe this music. Perhaps..Amazing.

The magnificent trio, Miike Snow, released today a new track from their new album, Happy To You. On "Black Tin Box" they have the special appearence of the fantastic Lykke Li. The new track is really amazing and we really can't wait for the release of their forthcoming album. It really could be one of the year's best! Enjoy.

Miike Snow - Black Tin Box (Feat. Lykke Li) by Ernestime
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23 January, 2012

Gang Colours - Fancy Restaurant

New videoclip for Will Ozanne aka Gang Colours

"Fancy Restaurants" is a R'n'B, soul and post-dub-sound-alike-Blake and it's a great preview from what his debut album could be. The Keychain Collection (Brownswood Records) is out January 30th and we really have great expectations from what it could be. Enjoy.

OH, yeah, Machinedrum had to do a remix of it...

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22 January, 2012

The Internet

The Internet is a duo formed by dj, singer and producer Syd Tha Kid and producer Matt Martians from OFWGKTA ( Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All).

Their debut album, Purple Naked Ladies, was released on December 20, 2011. In general, the album isnt brilliant in the sense that doesn't bring anything new in their genre. It has some up's and downs's, more down's really, but there are some good exceptions like "Fastlane".  Combinig  some soul beats and Syd's smooth vocal, "Fastlane" is a chill journey throughout the crazy world of OFWGTKA. The official video was released on January 19. Enjoy.

Also, we leave you with a brilliant remix The Internet did on Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans".

Blue Jeans (Odd Future's The Internet Remix) - LDR by .plst prvdr
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21 January, 2012

Lianne La Havas - Forget (Official Video)

We love Lianne La Havas. We love her new video too.

Actually, we love more the acoustic version of "Forget" that is available for free in her Live in L.A. EP but that doesn't mean that this original version is bad, on the contrary. As we said before, expect big things from this girl in 2012. Enjoy.

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20 January, 2012

Miike Snow – Paddling Out

 Just before the end of the week listen to a new track from Miike Snow.

Miike Snow droped a new track from their forthcoming album Happy To You that will be released in March. With some more electronic influence that we are used to from the band(not a bad thing), the music is dancier, intense and with very happy feelings into. It's a excellent preview form what the album could be. Enjoy.

Paddling Out by miikesnow
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Radiohead - Bloom (Jamie xx Rework Part 3) & The xx - Open Eyes

Fresh new remix from Jamie xx, one of the three elements from the indie pop band The xx that released also a few weeks ago a demo from their new album.

Young Turks Records announced today the release of a limited edition single (500 copies) from Jamie xx's third remix of Radiohead's "Bloom". You can hear it below.

Also, a few weeks ago, The xx released a demo intitled "Open Eyes" that they did while creating their new album. You can stream and download it below. Enjoy


Download: https://thexx.wetransfer.com/

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19 January, 2012

NEW: Azelia Banks - Bambi

 New York mag released this video yesterday from Nicola Formichetti's Mugler Menswear Show complete with Azealia Banks Soundtrack. There are few details about this new song but today Azealia tweeted that, and i quote, " I'm gonna extend the verse on "Bambi." and "Paul Epworth produced that beat.". Lookink forward to ear more about this banger track. Enjoy.

You can see the original video here:

Cut Exclusive: Mugler Menswear Fall 2012
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New: Lana Del Rey - This Is What Makes Us Girls (Clip)

Today Lana Del Rey released two samples ( "National Anthem" and "This Is What Makes Us Girls") from the debut album Born To Die that is going to be released at the end of the month. Here we show you "This Is What Makes Us Girls". Enjoy

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18 January, 2012

Jhameel - Shut Up

Director, Producer, Performer, Editor e Choreographer...Jhameel did it all!

Jhameel himself raised all the money to make the video. In Kickstarter the artist stated that "The concept is much like a modern take on the music video for "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson in the sense that it is centered around dance". The result is an explosive video with some sick moves that results very well with the music. Enjoy.

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17 January, 2012

Dance, Fools, DANCE.

Once in a while we like to show some hype dance tracks. Mainstream or underground, we like'em both

Azealia Banks - LIQUORICE
A couple weeks ago, Azelia Banks released this free-download track on her soundcloud page. The rising star uses Lone's "Pineapple Crush" and unleashes her powerfull voice on this nice track.

LIQUORICE by Azealia Banks

 Todd Terje - Inspector Norse 
"Inspector Norse" is the first track from It's The Arps EP (Olsen/Smalltown Supersound). Currently, it's the bestseller track on JunoDownload and has the support of many big disco/house dj's.

TODD TERJE - Inspector Norse by toddterje

Justice - Canon (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework)
Justice + Erol Alkan...nuff said
Pre-Order here. Release: 30 January

Machinedrum - No Respect
2011 was a big year for Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum. After Room(s) and Sepalcure's self-titled EP (with  Praveen Sharma) he anounced the release of SXLND (by LuckyMe). And today, tuesday 17th of January the EP came out. Yesterday, Azelia Banks released her mashup with the second track of the EP, "SXLND", and today we bring to you "No Respect". Buy the EP here (It's really amazing, one of the best already).

Machinedrum - No Respect by DummyMag

Krazy Baldhead - Surabaya Girl EP
For last, but not the least, Mr Jack brings to you the first preview of the new album of Ed Bangers Records, the 2nd album of Krazy Baldhead. The EP will include remixes by MYD, Tropics and Victor Aime. Out February 6th.

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16 January, 2012

Azealia Banks - "NEEDSUMLUV"

New collaboration between Azelia Banks and Machinedrum

Released today by Azelia Banks via twitter. About this track she told "It's R&B but hella progressive,"
In the soundcloud page she also posted:" "Here's something I wrote to Machinedrum's 'SXLND' beat thats dropping tomorrow on the SXLND EP on LuckyMe. You can order it here :

NEEDSUMLUV (SXLND) by Azealia Banks

More impressive is that the track includes a sample from late Aaliyah,  who would’ve turned 33 today.
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15 January, 2012

Lianne La Havas

Rising artist, Lianne La Havas, is an English folk and soul singer that has been nominated for BBC's Sound of 2012 poll.

 In February 13, Warner Brothers will release her new EP called Forget as the lead single for Lianne La Havas' upcoming debut full-length. Her voice is a breath of fresh air and definitely an artist to reckoned this year.

As impressive as the original song, is the remix of Shlohmo. He places the amazing vocals in synth tones and hip-hop or post-dubstep beats. The result is a passionate and tremendous music. Big up to Shlohmo.

Lianne La Havas - Forget (Shlohmo remix) by The Line Of Best Fit

P.S: Also in the Forget EP will be released a remix for "Forget" by the also amazing Two Inch Punch. Listen to it here

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12 January, 2012

Up & Coming 2012 - AlunaGeorge

Is it pop? Dubstep? Some call it glitch pop. One thing is certain, we are going to ear big thing's about this duo in 2012.

"You Know You Like It" is just a refreshing song with fresh R'n'B vocals and mean 2-step beats.  We introduce to you: Aluna Francis and producer George Rei.

Oh yeah, they just released a remix for Lana del Rey- Born to Die
Download it for free in their soundcloud page

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (AlunaGeorge Remix) by AlunaGeorge

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